You know him as an electroacoustic musician, but you discover he’s into contemporary jazz. He’s a consumate improviser but few know he’s also a studio musician. You think you’ve pegged him as a lecturer and then discover that he’s a producer. He’s played bass guitar forever, but is equally happy playing the laptop.

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay is never quite where you expect to find him. Each of his activities is influenced by the others and he loves that this shapes his creativity infinitely, keeping him from always staying in one place.

Québécois by birth and by temperament, Pierre Alexandre has been teaching composition and improvisation at the University of Huddersfield in England since 2005. He has also collaborated on a variety of projects, playing bass guitar and manipulating sound.

He is a member of ars circa musicæ (from noise to free jazz, punk rock and contemporary music), and de type inconnu (a two-guitar and two-laptop duet).

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay follows many paths to the same end: the hybridization of his various musical influences into a single, coherent poetic language.