The HISS Tools
With my colleague Alex Harker at the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (the HISS), we have released a set of tools for impulse response manipulations within Max, under the moniker 'HISSTools Impulse Response Toolkit'. More HISSTools are on the way... stay tuned!

The Sandbox#n Series
These three improvisation environments for bass and laptop allow me to explore mixte improvised music, whilst subverting them withing my different ensembles.

A contemporary jazz project with the excellent musicians from the London-based LOOP collective, hybridizing improvisation and writing, electro and swing, groove and neo-complexity. With Alex Bonney(tp+fx), Robin Fincker(sx) et Dave Smith(dr). Two albums are now available on Loop Records.

I am exploring ways of improvisation in duets with different musicians of my surrounding. The first release of these was an album with Rodrigo Constanzo, and the second is an album with Sylvain Pohu as part of our ensemble de type inconnu. An album with Alex Bonney, under the bandname, is also available here. A second album of the first two duets, plus one from a new duet with Nicolas Stephan, are in post-production.